Hooters Hall Smallholding

The Hooters Hall story started in August 2011 when we made the move from South London to our 6 acre smallholding in the Lincolnshire fens.
The name Hooters Hall comes from the original family farm in Staffordshire owned by my husband Chris' great grandfather.
We started off as a mixed smallholding raising our own rare breed Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs and three Jacob sheep. We built our own butchery and added a polytunnel to grow more of our own food. Then came the goats Angora and Golden Guernsey as well as some Indian Runner ducks and chickens.
Over the years the fibre part of our smallholding has grown and we're now a small scale fibre farm producing yarn, felt and fibre from our Jacob sheep and Angora goats.
We process all our own fibre at Hooters Hall. We shear our own sheep and goats, wash, card, hand spin and hand felt the fibre making the most of the natural colours.
Our love of fibre also extends to fibre crafts particularly handweaving and knitting.

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